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 General rules

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PostSubject: General rules   Thu Sep 20, 2012 6:12 am

18+ and extreme violence
This RP is against 18+ material and extreme violence. Follow this rule, as there can be small children on Sweet Tears!

This RP is also against bullying. We hate to see someone get bullied. Be sure to follow this rule, because if you bully someone, we'll bully you!

Dutch Wikipedia: Spam is a collective noun for unwanted messages.
Just like the Dutch Wikipedia says, spam is unwanted, so we don't want to have spam on Sweet Tears!

Minimodding happens when a normal member starts to behave as a moderator. This is forbidden. We haven't got those hard working moderators for nothing, now do we?

You may create as many characters as you wish, but maintain your characters. Do you want to get rid of them? Or don't you have any inspiration left? Let him or her die, or give the character to someone else. We won't remove the characters once they're made.

- You can't have a username with numbers and/or strange signs. Humans with names like 8@7$$348kjfdfk don't exist! No, really. We'll change your username if you won't change it after a warning!

- You also can't have any insulting or sexual or just stupid usernames. Just like the names with numbers, we'll change your name if you won't change it after a warning!

If a name is 'taken', it may be that you've put a number or a strange sign in the name. That's okay, we'll just remove the sign, as soon as you're online.

Administrators & Moderators
Listen to the administrators and moderators. They make sure you can RP happily with your character!

If you have any questions you should visit the help desk, or one of the administrators: Tears or Ruby.
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General rules
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