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 Character Sheet

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Your RPG character
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PostSubject: Character Sheet   Sun Sep 23, 2012 10:12 pm

A Character Sheet gives some short information about your character. You can find it here: Profile -> Your RPG Character -> Generate. By clicking on Generate, you're now able to use the Character Sheet!
But what do all those fields mean? Here is an explanation:

Name: The name of your character.
Age: The age of your character.
Gender: The gender of your character.
Family Tree: The family of your character. This can be more than just parents and siblings!
Love: The love of your character. If none, please don't type a random name here.
Guild: In which guild your character is in. If none, please don't type a random name here.
Friends and Foes: The friends and foes of your character.
Element: The element of your character.
Status: The status of your character. Is your character healthy, choose 'healthy'.
Side: Is your character evil or rather good? Here you can choose the side for your character!
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Character Sheet
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