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 :: Nanime Motoharu ::

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PostSubject: :: Nanime Motoharu ::   Wed Oct 10, 2012 4:35 am

Name :: Nanime Motoharu
Age :: Sixteen
Gender :: Female
Home :: The City
Date of Birth :: 20th October
Place of Birth :: The Countryside
Element :: Fire

Father :: Kouichi Motoharu
Mother :: Sakura Motoharu
Siblings :: Yano Motoharu : 21
Other Family :: /

Hair Colour :: Green : Sometimes she dies the ends of her hair another colour.
Hair Style :: Her hair is shorter in the back and about 10 cm longer in the front.
Eye colour :: Green
Lenght :: 1m 58
Weight :: 45 k
Figure :: Because of her length an her weight she looks very fragile. She looks more like a 13-14 year old girl.

Personality ::
Nanime is not like the most girls you would know. The weirder the better, she doesn’t care about what people would think about her. She looks innocent and cute, but when you start a conservation with her you will know that she isn’t like that. She is quite spirited, and not always in a good way. She doesn’t follow the rules because she wants to be free. Even tough she may look like a 13 year old girl, she can be very impressive. She’s got an attitude and some people laugh with it, but she would make sure they will never do that again. She may be as hard as a rock most of the time, but she also has her moments. Tough, nobody has ever seen her like that, she wouldn’t want that to happen.

Past :
Being born in , what seemed like, a perfect happy family Nanime grew up. Her parents were strict, but it wasn’t that bad. There was always her brother to have fun with. Her brother, he was 5 years older than her, but they had the best bond you could imagine. He wasn’t like their parents wanted him to be tough, he was not like them. It frustrated their father. She could hear him scream, not that that was the worse. The silent moment were the wore. They didn’t happen very often, but she knew her brother was feeling pain then. He would be covered in bruises the next day. She remembered him saying ‘I’m fine.’ Every time she asked if it hurt. It was a lie. When she was 8 he decides to run away. It was the worst time of her life, she never heard anything from him since then, and she herself changed. She became like her brother. Her parents became even more strict but it only had negative effect on her. Not that her father was going to give up. He used his anger, hoping that that would help. She was at the age of thirteen when he became harsh. Instead of talking to her, he screamed at her, and instead of punishing her like normal parents would do, like house arrest or no tv, he would use violence. It became a habit, she would do something wrong and her father would almost lose control. He wouldn’t stop hitting until she said sorry or he would lock her up in the closet or lock her outside for a night. You would think that she would start to listen to him, but she wouldn’t accept it, she was always looking for a fight with her father. Probably because she blames him. She blames him for the fact that Yano ran away from home and never came back. She couldn’t listen to him, she hated him. Over time she also began to hate rules, she just kept on doing things that she wasn’t allowed to do. She saw the rules as something that stops her from being free. And that’s the only thing she ever wanted. To be free like Yano always did. At the age of sixteen she woke up one night. She stood up, packed some stuff, stole some money from her parents and took of. By dawn she reached the city, a place that she calls home now.

-It's a fail, I'm not used to make these in english..-

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:: Nanime Motoharu ::
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