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 We're all out of our minds, and I think I like it :: OPEN

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PostSubject: We're all out of our minds, and I think I like it :: OPEN   Wed Oct 10, 2012 9:21 am

‘Thanks for letting me stay here for the night.’ She said while she took a sip from the glass of water. ‘You can come any time you want.’ She heard him reply. Hell no that I will ever come back to this place. She thought but she just smiled and said ‘I will.’. After that she took of, away from that creep. It was only Nanime’s second day here, but with her sweet smile and her innocent looks she managed to get a place to stay overnight. Not that she liked it. The house smelled like beer and cigarettes, and the guy was a creep. The way he kept looking at her, she nodded her head, she should be more careful when looking for a place to sleep. Even though it was cold, she was wearing a jeans-short, with a green pantyhose under it. Her feet were kept warm by the old sneakers and she was wearing a white top covered with different colors of paint. Her father literally freaked out when he saw it. It used to be a white top, but Nanime wanted to add some more color to it. A soft wind blew in her face and made her hair lift up. It wasn’t exactly the wind that was cold. But the weather itself made the wind feel cold. With her hands she covered her bruised arms. The backpack on her back only carried some money, and some summer clothes. It was stupid that she didn’t thought about bringing some food or warmer clothes. She heard her stomach growl and moved her hand to her stomach. The guy offered her some breakfast, but she didn’t trust it. You never know what intentions strangers have. Especially not when it’s a creepy guy who was looking at her like she was some drug or something. Herr bright green eyes looked around, it was so different here in the city, so much better. There was much more life, no silence, she loved it. Silence and strict rules just made her think to much about the place where she used to live. And of course the people she used to live with there.

‘Yano, are you okay.’ Her voice was like the voice of a child, sweet and innocent. ‘Y, yes.’ He said with a slightly broken voice. Keeping himself strong for his little sister. But she could obviously see he was lying. When he moved he would bite his lip to stop the pain, and there was still blood dripping from his head. She rinsed the washcloth and pressed it softly against the wound. He tried to smile, as weak as it was, he managed to do it. ‘I will be there for you, just like you’re here for me right now.’ His voice smothered and he closed his eyes for a moment. ‘Goodbye, Nanami.’

How could she not see that one coming. Goodbye. It was a real goodbye. She stroked trough her hair with her hand, straightened her back and started walking faster. Her eyes were still pointed to the ground, not very smart when you’re walking around in the city. She bumped into someone. Right after it happened she looked up, her eyes stared right into those from the person before her. She was barely 1m60, so it became a reflex to look up. ‘O, I’m sorry.’ She said. Her voice was sarcastic, she would never say sorry in this sort of situations. ‘Don’t you need to say something.’ She said. She looked innocent, but when she would start to speak, you would see she wasn’t that innocent at all.

-First post in English ever, so excuse me if it fails-
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We're all out of our minds, and I think I like it :: OPEN
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